Subzero Motorsport is now a leading figure both in racing and as a garage. We have established ourselves as a brand that can be identified with the highest horsepower and racing cars in the world. As a company that is always inclined to satisfy her customers all over the globe, Subzero Motorsport has revolutionized the design and manufacture of advanced personal racing simulation equipments and cars.



Subzero Motorsport specializes in automotive tuning and performance for Japanese, German, and American vehicles that are naturally aspirated, supercharged, or turbocharged. We provide engine computer tuning (calibration), repairs and maintenance, as well as engine and other driveline modifications.

CNC machine shop

At Subzero Motorsport Dubai, we use one of the finest CNC machines to enhance and provide the best and purest results for the best engine block performance.


We have one of the greatest fabricators in Dubai at Subzero Motorsport; we fabricate anything and make everything possible, and we deliver the best outcomes.

Exhaust system

We have a wide range of exhausts available at Subzero Motorsport, from ready-made to custom-made exhaust systems; you name it, we have it. We offer the best exhaust systems in Dubai in order to provide you with the best results.

Car service

Subzero Motorsport Dubai We take pride in being on the cutting edge of automotive technology and are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs. Our service centers are outfitted with the most recent innovations and staffed by a professional team of leading experts and technicians to ensure your vehicles receive the best possible care.
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We Stock over 2,0000 of the highest quaity Performance Parts Available